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Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Reporting for Long-Term Care Facilities: Understanding Requirements
Download the PBJ white paper

Time and attendance strategies can help design determination, measurement, and reporting processes to assist employers overcome ACA challenges.
Download the ACA compliance paper

FLSA & Education

Attendance Enterprise Eases Compliance with FLSA Regulations for Overtime in Education.
Download FLSA and Education white paper

Leave Management with Attendance Enterprise

Automatically tracking employee leave cuts costs, streamlines operations.
Download Leave Management white paper

Automating Benefit Accruals with Attendance Enterprise

System simplifies administration of employee time-off plans, fairly applies policies.
Download Benefit Accruals white paper

Does your organization have an absenteeism problem?

The fully integrated “Incidents & Points” module for Attendance Enterprise supports fair and accurate enforcement of absence management policies.
Download Incidents & Points white paper

Time Clocks for Employee Attendance Tracking

InfoTronics offers a variety of time clocks to suit the needs of any environment or number of employees.
Download Time Clocks white paper

Biometrics: Advantages for Employee Attendance Verification

Biometric time clocks eliminate buddy punching.
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Long-Term Healthcare

Does the challenge of scheduling the right number of RNs, LPNs, and medical assistants cost you overtime or cause understaffing problems? Do you worry that your facilities are not in compliance with Federal and State requirements or professional standards for caregiver-to-patient ratios?

Download Time and Attendance for Long Term Healthcare

Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) reporting

Beginning July 2016, long-term care (LTC) facilities must report staffing and census information quarterly through a new software application, Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ). Are you prepared?

Download Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) reporting: The cost of tracking employees just went up.

Case Studies


Regional bank managers use real-time information to monitor employee time and attendance policies


Attendance Enterprise Streamlines Time and Attendance for the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Mississippi School District uses Attendance Enterprise to fully comply with Fair Labor Standards Act

Eastern Virginia Medical School simplifies time and attendance tracking for 1,600 employees

Educational institutions automatically calculate union wages

College Streamlines Payroll Process for over 900 Employees


Colonial Manor Has Confidence in New ACA-Required Reports

The Wyandot Center Saves A Full Week of Time and Attendance Processing Each Month

Assisted Living Facility Grows with Attendance Enterprise

Healthcare provider effortlessly tracks shift differentials and nurse premium pay

Medical equipment services company improves time and attendance process; improves productivity


Amway Hotel Corporation Expands While Cutting Costs with Attendance Enterprise

Davidson Hotels & Resorts Centralizes Time and Labor Management and Reduces Costs

Hotel chain eliminates employee “buddy punching,” missing timecard punches, and time card errors

Racing association back on the fast track with improved time and attendance reporting


Manufacturing Business Centralizes Time and Attendance Management, Uses Incidents & Points to Track Absenteeism and Late Employees

Ash Grove Concrete Companies Manage Complex Pay Rules, Simplify Time and Attendance Management

George's Poultry Processing Company Improves Labor Management and Achieves Operational Transparency

Attendance Enterprise easily handles JVC America’s complex rules structure as required in its manufacturing environment

Detailed reports assist labor relations department with union contract negotiations

Automotive supplier improves accuracy, cuts administrative burden of employee absence management program

Mattress Manufacturer Sleeps Better at Night Due to Increased Payroll Accuracy


McKeever's Price Chopper Shopper Enterprises reduces payroll processing by 25% and reduces costly software maintenance by 90%


Staffing company removes bottlenecks when tracking employee data

Marketing services company reduces time spent preparing payroll

Start-up tech services company achieves ROI in three months

Construction Company Uses Telephone Time Collection, Saves 3.5% on Annual Payroll